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Live-aboard diving is nothing but eat-sleep-dive? you eat like a king, sleep in spacious, air-conditioned comfort and dive the far reaches of our water planet as easily as falling off the dock. These mini-ships are the ultimate in diving: the most convenient, the most remote and the most spectacular, all rolled into one experience.

They are extremely well coordinated and cruise along the pristine coastlines of a dozen or so small islands. Break your day with some islands and beaches visit along the way like Similan, Phi Phi, Le Pae, Koh Tao, etc.

It is a great way to see parts of the islands where there is little tourist development and gives an insight into the local people and their lifestyles.

Aboard Scubanet and Koon you will experience a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You can have a rest in your own air-conditioned cabin or sunbathe in one of the comfortable deck chairs on sun decks.

Here you can have your dinner as well while enjoying the sunset. In the evenings you might want to hook up to our on-board multi-media system in the lounge to review your photographs and video films. The "lounge" also has air conditioning, DVD Player, Stereo, a relaxation area, first-aid kit, etc.

After your day of diving, relax while our chef prepares your meal. The food on board is great. We provide you generous breakfast, tasty lunch, a traditional Thai cuisine and international meal. In between dives you can expect a small snack to fill your energy before taking of for next dive.

Our Route

Andaman Sea

  The Andaman Sea lies in great length along the west coastline of the golden axe. The Andaman coast stretches some 894 kilometers from Ranong Province to Satun Province. The Andaman Sea on this side has clearer and deeper water with more colorful and abundant marine animals than those at the eastern coastline. The islands have beautiful white sandy beaches while underwater, spectacular and abundant undersea marine life. It becomes famous and known to visitors and scuba divers all over the world.

North Andaman

Surin Archipelago lie some 60 kilometers away Kuraburi pier and consists of 5 islands i.e.Koh Surin Nua (North Surin), Koh Surin Tai (South Surin), Koh Stork, Koh Pajumba and Koh Torinla. Around these islands there were shallow reefs with hard corals which are beautiful and complete and believed to be the most beautiful sited for snorkelers, Surins are also good for scuba divers to see turtles, lobsters, humped head parrot fishes and bat fishes.

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Richelieu Rock is known to divers all over as the site to see whale sharks as they come to visit the rock quite often. Richelieu Rock is a submerged rock and awash at low tide. It lies around 8 miles east of Surin islands and a great site for scuba diving. The rock supports barrel sponges, soft corals, sea fans and is full of cuttlefishes, big reef fishes such as barracudas, jacks, parrot fishes, sting rays, guitar fishes and sharks.

Koh Tachai is situated between Surin Islands and Similan Island. The good dive site is submerged rock filled with big schools of reef fish such as bat fishes, barracuda, jacka, parrot fishes, wrasses and sharks.

Koh Bon is a small isolated island with its unique beauty. Manta rays are found mostly near the north tip of the island, turtles and reef fishes are also abundant.

Similan Archipelago consist of 9 islands lying from south to north, like a string of pearl necklace on a turquoise blue velvet cloth of Andaman Sea. It was rated in the top 10 best and finest dive sites in the world. The islands are favored for their rich marine life and interesting underwater granite rock formation. On land, the forest on each island is abundant with wild floras and sea birds such as Nicobar pigeons which could be easily spotted near the toilet area on one of the Similan Islands. Similan Islands are known for its powdery white sandy beaches in several islands. Similans Islands still retain renowned name even today for the spectacular undersea world of soft corals of numerous color, Gorgonian sea fans, barrels sponges, feather stars. Reef sea fishes both small and big are found everywhere from manta rays, reef sharks, whale sharks, barracuda, white-collared coralfish, gobies, sweetlips, snappers, butterfly fishes and many others.

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